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Israel-Hamas War

When Is Freedom of Speech Too Much?

While the First Amendment does give us freedom of speech, the U.S. Supreme Court has placed some limits. Notable, the ruling you cannot yell “fire” in a crowded theatre to create a panic or harm people, which has been partially overturned since.

13 Emerging Faith Leaders Who Made Their Mark in 2023

Religion News Service selected 13 who made their mark this year, speaking out on a range of contentious issues and challenging the nation to live up to its values.

RNA Members Name Middle East War and Its Impact Top Religion Stories of 2023

The Israel-Hamas war, along with the rise in antisemitic and Islamophobic incidents in the U.S. and around the globe, were named the top international and domestic religion stories of 2023 by members of the Religion News Association.

In Bethlehem, Quiet Christmas Celebrations Draw Parallels to War’s Victims

In the West Bank and Gaza, Christians are searching for ways to celebrate a subdued Christmas, with festivities canceled for the first time since the First Intifada in 1988. 

Inland Northwest Coalition for the Liberation of Palestine Emerges Amid Ongoing Conflict

A group of local residents frustrated and horrified at what has been going on in Israel and the Gaza Strip over the last two months have banded together to create a new organization, the Inland Northwest Coalition for the Liberation of Palestine.

PJALS Vigil to Honor Thousands of Civilian Lives lost in Middle East Clash, Call for Cease-Fire

PJALS will host a Candlelight Vigil on Dec. 14. They join other humanitarian and human rights organizations in calls for a permanent cease-fire, an end to Israel’s current blockade of Gaza and the 16-year siege and the return of all hostages and political prisoners by Hamas and Israel.

Spokane’s Jewish Congregations to Commemorate Hope and Light during Their Chanukah Celebrations

Chanukah brings light into the darkness and hope in times of despair. At least that’s what the Jewish congregations in Spokane County will demonstrate with their celebrations on Dec. 10.

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