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Israel-Hamas War

Can a Weary World Rejoice?

We live now in a very weary, very un-peaceful world. We are especially made weary, and perhaps cast into despair, by the war in the land where Jesus was born. His birth there is one reason the land is deemed “holy.” Can we celebrate a “Holy Night” when an un-holy war rages in this holy land?

With Hope, I Pray for a King Solomon!

Why do we see that the deaths of Ukrainians are more painful, more felt, than the deaths of Palestinians? We should feel for both as both are equally human beings made of flesh and blood.

Protests Suggest Split Among US Jews on War, but Support for Israel is High

Younger Jews are less supportive of US policies toward Israel, but a majority still support Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas war.

New Pro-Palestine Coalition Organizes ‘Cease-Fire Now’ Protest for Nov. 19

The Inland Northwest Coalition for the Liberation of Palestine (INWCLP) will hold a peaceful protest calling for a cease-fire on Sunday, Nov. 19, at 1 p.m. in Riverfront Park.

In Bipartisan March for Israel, Crowd Rejects Cease-Fire, Demands Release of Hostages

Thousands of U.S. Jews and their allies rallied for a March for Israel on the National Mall Tuesday (Nov. 14), in one of the largest and most bipartisan D.C. marches in recent memory.

Family-Friendly Protest for Ceasefire in Gaza Gives Children Agency to Challenge Injustice

In solidarity with a national family day of action to call for a ceasefire, a group of parents, children and grandparents added their voices Sunday afternoon in Grant Park in a family-friendly and children-centric protest.

Spokane Fundraiser Brings Jewish, Palestinian Cuisine Together for Peace

Jewish and Palestinian food was on the menu Sunday at Feast World Kitchen in downtown Spokane to raise money for The Parents Circle, a joint Israeli-Palestinian organization that works to promote dialogue, tolerance, reconciliation and peace.

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