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Spokane City Council to Hear Input on New Israel-Palestine Resolution Monday


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Spokane City Council to Hear Input on New Israel-Palestine Resolution Monday

News Brief by Mia Gallegos |FāVS News

The Spokane City Council will meet Monday to once again hear opinions on the Israel-Palestine conflict. This time councilors aim to hear support for not only Israeli Hamas’ victims, but also for the Palestinian people who are currently being threatened and attacked by Israel’s armed forces.

The Spokane City Council received substantial backlash following a resolution that they passed after the attacks in Israel on Oct 7.

Many pro-Palestinian activists, including Spokane Muslim leader, Naghmana Sherazi, claimed this resolution was discriminatory by only acknowledging Israel’s obligation to “exist and defend itself,” without much mention of the dual-sided nature of the situation and the Palestinian victims within the conflict.

“It is a one-sided resolution, and I would have liked time till the next council meeting to draft a resolution that helps promote peace rather than one that is devoid of critical context and could add fuel to the violence and bloodshed,” Sherazi said in an interview with FāVS on Oct. 14.

City Council members will work to resolve this exclusivity that has been felt by pro-Palestinian support in Spokane, while also maintaining its abutment with Israeli victims. The meeting is to take place on Monday, Jan. 22 at 6 p.m., in Spokane’s City Hall.

Mia Gallegos
Mia Gallegos
Mia Gallegos is a junior studying Journalism and Digital Marketing at Gonzaga University. Her love for journalism began in high school within her hometown of Broomfield, Colorado. She has written for the Gonzaga Bulletin since she first began at GU. Aside from writing, she is a passionate dancer and member of the Gonzaga University Bomb Squad, GU’s exclusively Hip-Hop dance team. Mia is a dedicated Catholic and is excited to be interning with FāVS during the Spring 2024 semester. She is looking forward to learning about religions aside from her own and to gain more journalistic prowess by working with the skilled reporters of FāVS.

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Meta Clipping Path
Meta Clipping Path
3 months ago

The Spokane City Council will gather public input on a proposed Israel-Palestine resolution this Monday. Engage in the civic discourse and voice your perspectives on this consequential matter.

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