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Far-right pastor files lawsuit against Spokane

Far-right pastor Sean Feucht filed a lawsuit against Spokane and City Council members over their criticism of the former mayor's appearance at his anti-LGBTQ event. He alleges religious discrimination and is seeking damages.

Traveling anti-queer pastor Sean Feucht announces lawsuit against Spokane

Learn about the $2 million lawsuit Sean Feucht plans to file against the City of Spokane for their alleged attack on Christians.

FāVS Religion News Roundup: May 24

Get the latest religion news about the Spokane Tribe children chosen as Pow-Wow head staff, antisemitism in city council meetings, Spokane chaplains and more.

White Supremacist Stickers Spur Outrage, Unity Against Hate in Spokane

On Monday, white supremacist stickers were found around downtown Spokane. These stickers read phrases such as “White Man Zone” and “Make White Children.” 

Spokane’s Church-Based Homeless Shelters Receive Funding to Operate through the Summer

The Spokane City Council voted unanimously last week to extend the contract with Jewels Helping Hands to continue funding church-based homeless shelters through the summer.

FāVS Religion News Roundup: March 8

This week’s Roundup largely summarizes state and local government decisions and school board policies that fit our niche of ethical and social justice news. Religion stories and updates in our region? Not so much — with the exception of Carla Olman Peperzak and how WSU plans to honor her Holocaust work.

Spokane Church Vandalized after Displaying Pro-Israel Sign

Plymouth Congregational Church found itself a victim of hate’s crossfire on Wednesday (Jan. 24) when their welcome sign, which read “GOD BLESS ISRAEL,” was vandalized with an expletive followed by “Zionism” in orange spray paint

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