Fundraising and Donor Policy

SpokaneFāVS recognizes that the value of its work depends on commitment to journalistic values and the editorial independence of its editors and reporters.

In seeking and accepting financial support, SpokaneFāVS will follow practices that protect these values. The organization will:

  •        Identify all donors and sponsors.
  •        Assure that donors and sponsors have no role in determining or assigning journalistic content.
  •        Refuse financial contributions from sources deemed by the board of directors to present a real or perceived conflict of interest with the work of the organization or raise reasonable questions about SpokaneFāVS’s independence.

Like many news organizations, SpokaneFāVS maintains a firewall between news coverage decisions and its sources of revenue. SpokaneFāVS financial supporters shall have no voice in SpokaneFāVS’s editorial decisions. All donations, sponsorships and other forms of financial support are subject to compliance with the Fundraising and Donor Policy, including provisions for transparency, the disclosure of donors’ identities, and the prohibition on donations from those whose contribution may affect public perception of SpokaneFāVS’s independence. Acceptance of financial support does not constitute implied or actual endorsement of SpokaneFāVS’s funders or their products, services or opinions.

The organization will aim for a diverse group of contributors and seek funding from foundations, organizations and individuals concerned about quality journalism in general and religion news especially. It will also seek support of community engagement opportunities as established in its mission statement.

In addition to providing journalism on religion, spirituality and ethics, SpokaneFāVS also features opinion and commentary from a variety of writers. These volunteer writers may, and often do, donate financially to SpokaneFāVS to support its mission. Columns published on SpokaneFāVS do not represent the opinions of the publication as a whole and are separate from the news stories written and produced by the SpokaneFāVS editorial team.

In developing sources of revenue other than grants and donations, SpokaneFāVS will continue to apply the standards of assuring journalistic quality and independence and avoiding the reality or appearance of undue influence. SpokaneFāVS staff leaders may propose, and the board of directors may adopt, specific written procedures needed to uphold standards as fundraising questions arise.