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WA’s Groundbreaking LGBTQ+ Survey to Amplify Queer Voices of Faith

Read about an LGBTQ+ survey in Washington state, aiming to gather crucial insights into the queer community's demographics, including faith.

Embracing love over hate: Lessons from Spokane’s Pride Parade

Discover the thought-provoking analysis by Sarah Henn Hayward on the protestors at the Pride Parade and the call for love and understanding.

What goes into a hate crime? Don’t assume you know.

Dive into the complex story of a hate crime against Sikh Americans. Explore the details of the case and the complexities of hate in America.

Red flags fly over the Supreme Court

Uncover the connection between Justice Samuel Alito and Trump's MAGA movement, as well as the flag controversy surrounding his beach house.

Ghosting: Unpacking its disturbing acceptance and proposing a better way

Discover the impact of ghosting in our culture. Explore the potential consequences of cutting someone off without notice and a better way.

Ask an Evangelical: How do people deal with a crisis of faith?

Navigating a crisis of faith from "Ask an Evangelical": Explore how people can deal with doubts and find answers in times of uncertainty.

UMC Moves Toward LGBTQ+ Inclusion After 52 Years of Contradiction

Gain insights into the United Methodist Church's journey towards inclusivity and reconciliation on the topic of homosexuality.

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