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Breaking Down Silos: Why Spirituality and Politics Need Each Other

In this column the author takes an excerpt from his book, "Making Global Sense," to propose that a global sense of life unifies spirituality and politics in a freedom-loving way that honors both conscience and reason.

The Fight Against Clergy Sex Abuse Also Involves ‘Missionary Kids’

The director of SNAP, a support group for abuse survivors, reflects on the diverse experiences of victims and the emerging crisis in unregulated Christian boarding schools. From missionary kids to those abused at institutions like Agape Boarding School, the narrative highlights the urgent need for oversight and protection in such facilities, paralleling the ongoing struggle for accountability in the broader context of abuse within religious institutions.

Rents Are Unaffordable Nationwide. A Renter’s Tax Credit Could Help.

According to the Low-Income Housing Coalition, there is no state or county in the United States where someone working full-time at minimum wage can afford a modest two-bedroom apartment. This column explores why that is through one women's personal experience in Las Vegas.

Facebook Post Misleads: Reading Bible in School Does Not Prevent Prison Sentences

The author critiques a Facebook post suggesting that allowing Bible reading in public schools could prevent imprisonment. She argues against this oversimplified view, highlighting issues such as religious diversity among students and the dangers of promoting one religious text over others. She also distinguishes between adult prisoners and schoolchildren, dismissing the analogy as flawed.

Unpacking Complexity: Navigating the Pro-Palestine Student Protests with Nuance

The news cycle since then has been full of stories about pro-Palestine student protests on college campuses across the country. These stories are growing increasingly complex with moving parts that can be difficult to follow. In a world that is so politically divisive, this provides us with a great opportunity to practice nuance.

Voting Is An Act of Faith

Voting is usually seen as a political act, but as this column explores, it is also an act of faith. Rooted in the Biblical idea that all people are made in God's image, denying someone's right to vote silences their divine voice. The piece examines how white Christian nationalism threatens this ideal through voter suppression under the guise of "election integrity." It argues voting is a sacred duty affirming human dignity, with leaders like Rev. Raphael Warnock calling a vote "a kind of prayer" enacting our spiritual values in the political sphere. The column calls on people of faith to vote their deeply held beliefs in favor of true democracy.

The Principles of War and Moscow’s Christ Church

A critical examination of the ideology and actions of Doug Wilson's Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, raising concerns over their militant evangelism tactics, vision of a Christian theocratic state, controversial book defending slavery, and contradictory stances on biblical interpretations of slavery. The column contrasts the church's claims of being 'good neighbors' with incidents like the 'De-Mask Moscow' storming of a local store and plagiarism allegations, leaving doubts among residents about their true intentions for the community.

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