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Sarah Henn Hayward

Sarah Henn Hayward is a voracious reader, a deep thinker, a curious learner, a nature lover, a former Christian, a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a loyal friend. She is the author of a spiritual memoir, “Giving Up God: Resurrecting an Identity of Love & Wonder,” and two children’s chapter books, “Sedona and the Sloth” and "Boston and the Beaver.” Her newsletter at sarahhennhayward.com highlights thought-provoking books concerning marginalized communities. She lives in Spokane, Washington, with her husband Dan, and their two children.

Embracing love over hate: Lessons from Spokane’s Pride Parade

Discover the thought-provoking analysis by Sarah Henn Hayward on the protestors at the Pride Parade and the call for love and understanding.

Redwoods Visit: Learning Indigenous Resilience & Sacred Activism

As relaxing as my trip to the Redwoods was, I found myself motivated to fight for justice. No sector of our lives has been untouched by colonization, capitalism, abuse or corruption. From the environment, to education, to healthcare, to safety in our communities, there is work to be done.

Black History Month for White People: Racism Is Our Problem

FāVS columnist Sarah Henn Hayward explores how racism in America is a White problem and what White Americans can do about it this Black History month.

Harmony Increases When We Are More Curious about One Another

World Interfaith Harmony Week (Feb. 1-7) will soon be upon us, and oh how we need it. For all its ability to bring peace and order to our lives, religion has also been the fuel and catalyst for much fighting and strife.

Ask an Agnostic: What Do Agnostics Believe?

Mysterious events happen and cannot be easily explained. For now, those events do not convince me of a Higher Being behind the creation of the universe.

An Atheist Celebrates Christmas

How does and Christian-turned-atheist celebrate Christmas?

Bitter Optimism: Can You Stay Informed About Global Events and Still Have Joy?

If we let all the bad news wear us down, then evil wins. I think there is a balance to find while staying aware, empathetic and compassionate.

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