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Paul Graves

Paul Graves is a retired and re-focused United Methodist pastor and a long-time resident of Sandpoint, Idaho, where he formerly served on city council and mayor. His second career is in geriatric social work, and since 2005 he's been the Lead Geezer-in-Training of Elder Advocates, a consulting and teaching ministry on aging issues. Since 1992, Graves has been a volunteer chaplain for Bonner Community Hospice. His columns regularly appear in The Spokesman-Review's Faith and Values section, and he also writes the Dear Geezer column for the Bonner County Daily Bee and is the host of the bi-weekly Geezer Forum on aging issues in Sandpoint.

The wolf you feed: The fight against white Christian nationalism

Understanding the threat of white Christian nationalism. Explore the implications and dangers of this growing trend in American politics.

From 1776 to 2024: Reflecting on America’s Ongoing Fight for Freedom

Explore America's ongoing journey for freedom, from the Declaration of Independence to the 1964 Freedom Summer. Discover how the fight for equality and voting rights shapes our democracy today. Learn why truth and freedom remain fragile allies in 2024

UMC Moves Toward LGBTQ+ Inclusion After 52 Years of Contradiction

Gain insights into the United Methodist Church's journey towards inclusivity and reconciliation on the topic of homosexuality.

Voting Is An Act of Faith

Voting is usually seen as a political act, but as this column explores, it is also an act of faith. Rooted in the Biblical idea that all people are made in God's image, denying someone's right to vote silences their divine voice. The piece examines how white Christian nationalism threatens this ideal through voter suppression under the guise of "election integrity." It argues voting is a sacred duty affirming human dignity, with leaders like Rev. Raphael Warnock calling a vote "a kind of prayer" enacting our spiritual values in the political sphere. The column calls on people of faith to vote their deeply held beliefs in favor of true democracy.

Indifference Makes a Difference

Columnist Paul Graves encourages us to care in this column. To. Give. A. Damn. Or GAD. Because every person has value as a human being.

Might Jesus Be on the Border?

Paul Graves writes about the difference between rage and anger when it comes to how one approaches their feelings when it comes to politics about the border on what to do.

Let’s Check Our Ageism at the Door When Voting for President

Ageism happens to young and old alike. Though it’s much bigger news when it involves the two presumptive presidential candidates.

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