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Trump as Parable

What if instead of straight line explanations, the election were approached by us as a parable.

“Every expression of anger is a cry for love”

I wondered if I had just been part of interrupting a hate crime...

How my country lost its mind, and how it will recover its soul

Trump had won the election. There was no need to apologize or explain. You either get it, or you don’t get it. I get some of it.

The Trump Effect felt already

By Mark Azzara Dear Friend, My weekly letters to you usually are brief but not this time. I am returning to my journalistic roots by reporting...

The real reason Trump won: White fright

If Trump is so divisive, why did he win?

Election Morality: Storm before the calm

In the election's aftermath let's remember that God is still in control.

Trump will not be leader of “the free world”

This week on NPR someone referred to Trump as the soon to be 'leader of the free world.' I found this stunningly arrogant on so many levels.

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