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Civil Rights Leaders: ‘We Intend to Fight’ Trump

Donald Trump’s startling election victory Tuesday night has the organizations representing America's minorities talking of unity, but bracing for war.

Caesar?! — But Why the Most Powerful Person in the Free World Survives

The vast majority have long conflated goodness with greatness, and more often than not, goodness must assume the minority position and embrace its subversive assignment.

Why Trump’s election worries me

Know that many in Spokane’s own Jewish community are highly distressed due to Trump’s victory.

Are evangelicals expecting too much from a Trump presidency?

Had evangelical Christians stayed home on Election Day – “or if the Rapture occurred” – Donald Trump would have lost the 2016 presidential election by a landslide, according to Ralph Reed, founder and chairman of the Faith & Freedom Coalition.

President Trump: A response from Spokane’s faith community

No denying the country is shocked by the election results. The predictions were wrong. Today many citizens are grieving, while others are celebrating.

Things that go Trump in the night

The real hobgoblins and scaries, the spirits of envious hatred and fear, seem set on holding on all the way to Nov. 8 and beyond, four years at least, wearing especially unpleasant garb like pointed white hoods or swastika armbands, dreaming of high walls built by somebody else to keep the “other” at bay, while so many of the “wrong” sorts get stopped and frisked along the way.

What does Trump have to do with the Hindu sacred syllable, om?

Republican nominee Donald Trump was recently invited to a fundraising event organized by a conservative group of Hindu Americans, the Republican Hindu Coalition. A poster from the event, which describes the group as “Hindus for Trump,” portrays the candidate in a posture much like that of a yogi in deep meditation.

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