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The America That Never Was

There are forces at work in this country using everything in their power to return us to the America that never existed, to the America of Beaver Cleaver and Andy Griffith.

The end of the pro-Christian presidency of Donald Trump

No president in American history has so overtly devoted himself to appealing to evangelical Christians. It wasn't enough.

Christian Nationalism Is Not Biblical Christianity

I, too, am a Christian against Christian nationalism because I am a recovering Christian nationalist, although I didn’t know it at the time.

An Epiphany Eclipsed

Jan. 6 was the Feast of Epiphany, and with a historic Senate election in Georgia, it should have been a day of wonder...

Forgiveness and Compassion Come with Rules. Those Rules Have Been Broken.

Let me be frank: in order to have a society where forgiveness and compassion and pluralism exist, there are basic ground rules that must be agreed upon before this can take place. The first being the rule of law and the second being respect for the democratic process.

The president’s health and basic civility

For all his evils – and do not misunderstand me here, I believe he is the embodiment of political evil and an existential threat to our democracy – he is still a person and he is still the president.

Christian leaders call for Day of Prayer in support of impeachment inquiry

More than 90 Christian leaders are calling for a National Day of Prayer this Sunday (Oct. 13) for the truth to be revealed through the impeachment inquiry into whether President Donald Trump solicited help from a foreign government for his 2020 reelection campaign.

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