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Thousands Attend First Annual Women’s March in Spokane

Empowerment, equality, and unity flowed freely in the uplifting atmosphere created by thousands of Spokane area community members Saturday for the first annual Women’s March in Spokane.

Who’s praying at Trump’s inauguration? A mix of supporters, critics and firsts

They are the six clergy members President-elect Donald Trump has invited to offer prayers and Scripture readings at his swearing-in on Friday (Jan. 20) in Washington, D.C.

Sanctuary congregations have doubled since Trump election, say faith leaders

More than 800 congregations have declared themselves sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants, about double the number since Election Day.

Donald Trump’s Victory and America’s Gospel of Success

We have by now heard a litany of reasons why so many voters chose Donald Trump for president. Without discounting any of these helpful explanations, I would like to suggest another factor that accounts for Trump’s appeal to so many U.S. voters. Trump succeeded, in part, because he tapped into the most dominant thread of American religion. The most powerful religion in America is America itself.

Trump’s rise and GOP economics may shift Catholic Church’s priorities

For much of its long history in the U.S., the Catholic Church was known as the champion of the working class, a community of immigrants whose leaders were steadfast in support of organized labor and economic justice – a faith-based agenda that helped provide a path to success for its largely working-class flock.

Scroll Back to the Bosom of Abraham

as the Sacred Scriptures and Constitution are wont to do— the literal text tore a giant, yawning chasm between the poor slob and that infamous, rich guy with the winning temperament...

Religious liberty: Trump can’t have it both ways

I hope, in 2017, for a resolution to the glaring conflict that Donald Trump brings with him into the White House.

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