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Join FāVS today for a Coffee Talk on Religious Misconceptions

Join SpokaneFāVS panelists today for a Coffee Talk on "Religious Misconceptions." The conversation will be at Revel 77, 3223 E 57th, at 10 a.m.

Thanks for supporting the SpokaneFAVS Independence Fund at today’s Coffee Talk!

UPDATE (1:30 p.m.): Thanks for a great Coffee Talk everyone! About 30 people attended and more than $2,000 in pledges came in for the new SpokaneFAVS Independence Fund.

Coffee Talk: Sacred Calling: Jobs and Vocations

In May 2014 Coffee Talk was held at Revel 77 where a discussion on jobs and vocations took place. Read related posts below.

TODAY — Coffee Talk: Engaging Millennials

Join us for our next Coffee Talk tomorrow morning, where our panelists will discuss "Engaging Millennials."

It's no secret that millennials (those born from the 1980s and on) are not only leaving the Christian church, but are leaving religion altogether — and at a rapid pace.

April Coffee Talk

On April 6, at our monthly Coffee Talk, we gathered at Revel 77 Coffee to discuss the concept  of spiritual community.

April Coffee Talk

Do we still need spiritual community?

That's the topic we'll discuss at our next Coffee Talk

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