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The Islamic State group has weaponized children

IS has gone from using children to inspire adults, to manipulating children and their parents to fight alongside adults, to targeting children instead of adults. They do not consider what they have done to be truly evil, although we know it to be.

A 147-year-old dispute between church and state spills onto a school playground

Why do so many state constitutions have provisions preventing funding for religious schools? The history is complicated.

Arguments why God (very probably) exists

Does God exist? Michael Peligro, CC BY-ND Robert H. Nelson, University of Maryland Note from Editor of The Conversation US: This is a revised version of the...

Video – Coffee Talk: The Nature of Truth

Join SpokaneFāVS at 10 a.m., today for a Coffee Talk discussion on "The Nature of Truth."

On the Nature of Truth

There’s a seemingly endless amount to be said about our post-truth era, with its alternative facts and its fake news. When considering the topic of truth, I hardly knew where to begin

Can journalists truly be unbiased?

So is truth relative? Can it even be pursued or attempted by human journalists? How about readers? Truth is not one source. It should be the voice of the many, not the voice of the few.

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