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The second coming of Doug Wilson

Conservatives are elevating long-controversial Idaho pastor Doug Wilson's moderate form of Christian nationalism, but critics says his ideas remain extreme.

The Principles of War and Moscow’s Christ Church

A critical examination of the ideology and actions of Doug Wilson's Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, raising concerns over their militant evangelism tactics, vision of a Christian theocratic state, controversial book defending slavery, and contradictory stances on biblical interpretations of slavery. The column contrasts the church's claims of being 'good neighbors' with incidents like the 'De-Mask Moscow' storming of a local store and plagiarism allegations, leaving doubts among residents about their true intentions for the community.

‘We Want to Get Along’ – Christ Church’s Doug Wilson Addresses Critics at Forum

MOSCOW, Idaho — In a rare public forum, controversial pastor Doug Wilson took center stage with two leaders from his Christ Church ministry Thursday night to field digital questions from the community.

Community Forum at UI Thursday to Address Concerns About Christ Church

A town hall event on Thursday evening at the University of Idaho will provide a platform for the public to pose questions directly to leaders associated with Christ Church in Moscow.

FāVS Religion News Roundup: Oct. 26

Read about the We Believe We Vote and its goals, "Disobedient Women," upcoming event with a Holocaust survivor, future of climate education and FāVS' big mission.

Calvinist Activist Warns that White Nationalism Is Invading Reformed Churches

The anti-woke alliance of Calvinist Theobros and Christian nationalists hits the skids — as author Owen Strachan feuds online with Andrew Torba of Gab.

Anti-Maskers in Moscow Try to “Bless Business” by Not Wearing Masks. They Failed.

At around 11 a.m. yesterday, numerous members of a right-wing group called “De-Mask Moscow” barged into the large TriState Outfitters sporting goods store in Moscow, Idaho, refusing to wear masks in compliance with store policy and the city-wide mandate.

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