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Israel-Hamas War

Spokane Jewish Film Festival Turns 20 This Year; Showing 17 Films

The 20th annual Spokane Jewish Film Festival is set to kick off Jan. 27 with an opening night gala featuring the film “Remembering Gene Wilder.”

Spokane City Council to Hear Input on New Israel-Palestine Resolution Monday

The Spokane City Council will meet Monday to once again hear opinions on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

‘Experience Palestine’ Film Festival Aims to Promote Awareness and Empathy for Palestinian People

The Inland Northwest Coalition for the Liberation of Palestine will put on "Experience Palestine," a film festival aimed at educating the community about Palestine and their people.

A World Beyond Fear and Vengeance Is Possible

This letter comes almost three months into Israel’s war on Gaza. Many credible voices (Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the United Nations — to name a few) claim this war to be a war of ethnic cleansing.

13 Emerging Faith Leaders Who Made Their Mark in 2023

Religion News Service selected 13 who made their mark this year, speaking out on a range of contentious issues and challenging the nation to live up to its values.

Palestinian Christians in Bethlehem Did Not Celebrate Christmas This Year

Because of the war in Gaza, there was no Christmas in Bethlehem this year. Leaders from all the Palestinian churches cancelled public celebrations. There was no Christmas tree, no decorations in Manger Square, no Christmas parade and no Baba Noel delivering gifts to children.

Nonviolence and Poetry Necessary for Peace in Palestine

But can poetry be heard over the sounds of war — the bombs, the sirens, the screams? Palestine needs the stillness of a cease-fire. More, it needs a cease to violence that only a nonviolent movement might help create.

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