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Tamara Milliken

Tamara Millken began practicing yoga in 2003, and teaching in 2007. She trained and is 500 hour certified through the Shambhava School of Yoga. She currently teaches Yoga for Healing, Tibetan Heart Yoga, and meditation at the Mellow Monkey Yoga Studio and the Millwood Community Center.

Whose side is God not on?

What does the phrase mean, God is on your side?

Cranky Meditation

You know those days when you sit down to spend time in quiet, and you find yourself super cranky about it?

Gazing in meditation

What does gaze have to do with meditation when our eyes should be closed?

“Choose one thought over another every moment”

We are infinite choice makers, all day long — all life long. Yet we are also creatures of habit, and have a tendency to be ruled by our senses.

Grab a buddy and meditate

I hope the long space between this post and the last, on gentle tips for your meditation practice, has been filled with the art of slowing down and honoring the transitions throughout your day.

4 ways to launch your meditation practice

Meditation. Where to start? If you don't have a regular practice established in your life already, starting meditation can seem overwhelming.

Tamara Milliken

Tamara Milliken has been practicing yoga for nearly 10 years and teaching yoga and meditation for a little more about five.

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