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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Tamara Milliken

Tamara Millken began practicing yoga in 2003, and teaching in 2007. She trained and is 500 hour certified through the Shambhava School of Yoga. She currently teaches Yoga for Healing, Tibetan Heart Yoga, and meditation at the Mellow Monkey Yoga Studio and the Millwood Community Center.

Discipline shouldn’t make you cringe

Discipline. It is a word that makes me cringe. It's definition has always sounded more like punishment or consequence to me. When really, it is the consequence of NOT being disciplined that should make me cringe.

Meditating together brings deeper awareness

As I began my seat in meditation today I was very connected with the sound and texture of my breath. It was an easy transition as I had just completed sunrise salutations. But then I remembered I was not meditating alone.

Letting your inner light shine

I walked into the bathroom the other day to get something, and I turned on the light. It was an unintentional move, a...

Om Ananda Atman (a blog about meditation)

Namaste' readers! I am most happy to be here, sharing my experience and words with you all. I wanted to begin by...

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