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Colleen McLean

Colleen McLean is a life long Roman Catholic with a few pagan adventures along the way.  She has been active in lay ministry in two states and four dioceses.


My question to God is...

Tangibly teaching my children about Easter

Absolutely. I love to teach my children to explore the world through different customs and traditions about rebirth, emergence, forgiveness, sacrifice and hope.

Looking for meaning in the Noah film

When Hollywood makes a movie about a Biblical story it isn’t long before hackles are raised among those who insist that the stories of creation, flood and exile are historically accurate rather than mythic memories of a pre-literate past that while truthful, may not be factual.

022514 quote

"Technology has given us unheralded access to information along with the ability to share our thoughts and ideas across the world not to mention...


Why are you a Catholic...

How technology presents opportunities to people of faith

Thanks to the innovations of the Roman Empire, the Christian Apostle Paul was able to travel widely and disseminate his letters to the early Christian communities well beyond its starting point in Palestine.

Peace in the Eucharist

I find peace in the celebration of the Eucharist during Mass

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