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Friday, May 24, 2024

Colleen McLean

Colleen McLean is a life long Roman Catholic with a few pagan adventures along the way.  She has been active in lay ministry in two states and four dioceses.

Some advice for the new pope

The next pope will undoubtedly have to wade through a good deal of advice from official advisors as well as commentators across the global Roman Catholic community. He will be chosen on part as well because of his own ideas and his style. As a lay person from a local parish I offer him my own three suggestions and hope that somehow they get to him, not because I am special, but because I am ordinary — the regular lay person in the pew on Sunday mornings.

The pope resigns – now what?

Pope Benedict XVI has announced his decision to resign the Papacy effective Feb. 28. It has been 600 years since a pope has resigned his election to the Seat of Saint Peter and thus, for the more than one billion Roman Catholics in the world today, it is a first. Various news agencies are atwitter with reactions from across the globe concerning who knew what when and what will happen next.

The conversation shouldn’t be about gender

This is just a rehash of the Victorian argument that women should not be allowed to work outside of the home in order to protect them from the corrupt male industrial world...

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