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Acceptance of Minority Groups in Spokane

Further still, there is even a distrust—even blatant intimidation of minority populations in Spokane. While these incidents may all be disconnected, I can’t help but think that we all need to have a serious talk in Spokane about our town. We can all admit that this isn’t who we are. How do we break this cycle of insulation from the other, and embrace pluralism?

Spokane Becoming a “Healing Community”

Imagine Spokane as a community in which people who are arrested and/or incarcerated are not seen as bad, but as people of sacred worth who may have made mistakes.

Disarming a community of violence

She cowered, screamed and cursed, as he threatened, harmed and hovered over her a bigger man in his mind than the the little man he actually was on the street. Tires screech, words and means exchange, man to man, now it’s even…until the gun is pulled. Now the abuser is dead, the woman is safe and the good samaritan goes to bed a savior and a killer. Fifth Avenue is bloodier.

How Faith, Values, Culture Shape Our Leaders & Ourselves: Part 1

Our systems of faith, values and ethics also shape and influence how we choose our leaders and how they lead us. I have asked our leaders how their faith, values and ethics are used in their day to day lives, and am writing an ongoing series about leadership in Spokane.

Postive changes coming to Spokane

There’s been a lot of bad press lately regarding scandal in Spokane and sometimes this can sour people’s perceptions of the city. But anyone living here knows that there are many good people, doing good work in Spokane.

World Relief Celebrates “Sea-Tri-Kan” to Support Refugees

The event is raising funds for refugees in Washington, in celebration of World Refugee Day on June 20. The Matching Grant Program is specifically designed to help employ refugees, with the goal of allowing them to be self-sufficient in 6 months. It’s incredibly effective too, with a 97 percent success rate.

What Spokane Needs Now

I think the world, and especially Spokane, needs another folk singer. Specifically, we need the re-incarnation of Pete Seeger.

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