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Spokane YouTuber Shares Her Faith Through Video Series

Faith has always been an important part of Elaine Snider’s life, to the point where she took theology classes and considered becoming a chaplain. More recently that faith has been expressed through her YouTube channel, "The Whimsical Byzantine," and video reenactments centered on the Nicene Creed.

86th Annual Greek Festival steams ahead with changes

The 86th annual Greek Festival hosted by the congregation of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in north Spokane is going full steam ahead after being cancelled in 2020 and limited to take out in 2021, but regular attendees will notice some changes.

“How Not to Be Afraid” Author Gareth Higgins to Speak in Spokane on Fear, Storytelling and Community

Higgins said it’s through recognizing fear and using stories to tell ourselves and others about how those fears impact us that helps us deal with fear. Rather than leading to fighting, running or paralysis, it can positively motivate us in a new direction.

How a Lawyer from Kharkiv Now Leads a 100-Person Humanitarian Aid Camp

Before the war, Yakov Siromatnikov had completed a law degree and owned his own HVAC business. When the war began, Siromatnikov knew he had to evacuate his wife and young children, but he felt led to stay back and help deliver humanitarian aid supplies to those in desperate need.

Spokane-area Catholics create group to fight Islamophobia

The event, which drew about 75 people, was organized by two community groups: Muslims for Community Action Support (MCAS), and Bridges Not Walls - a new Catholic organization aimed at fighting Islamophobia.

Spokane is on the list

But the ranking of most “post-Christian” metro areas also may be irrelevant.

Wellness Fair aims to keep church members healthy

Holy Temple Church of God in Christ held its first annual Wellness Fair as part of their Make Our Churches Healthy initiative. The goal of the fair was to raise awareness of health issues that affect primarily older and African American communities.

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