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A litany of thanks for Spokane

I have a litany of thanks for my city. I invite you to consider your own litany of thanksgiving, while I share mine with you now.

BRIEF: UGM Men’s Shelter has increase in guests, needs immediate items

UGM reports that resources are being stretched, and could use the community’s immediate help with three basics: pajamas, razors and deodorant.

I will always keep the Spokane community close to my heart

Recently, I left Spokane for a new job, new house, new state and a new community.

Please sit and lie

I stroll through downtown every day on my to and from work. My walk is usually pleasant, but jarring.

There’s room for new initiatives

One of the reasons I moved to Spokane from Portland Oregon in 1998 was because it's wide open for new initiatives, movements and communities.

I can’t just pick one thing!

I can't just pick one! The interconnections.

Why I support SpokaneFAVS: A place for community

Those same values — that people matter, that voices and ideas matter — are what brought me to SpokaneFAVS.

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