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Join FāVS this week for a Pub Talk on Faith and Film

Join SpokanFāVS this week for an informal Pub Talk conversation on Faith and Film.

April Coffee Talk: Faith and Film

Join SpokaneFāVS today for a Coffee Talk discussion on Faith and Film.

Profane Parables: Subverting the Religion of the American Dream

Since its infancy cinema has been understood in religious terms. In 1921 film critic Jean Epstein described film as “profane revelation.”

When faith meets film

Religious faith can be such a personal thing that film and TV rarely portray it in ways that mirror its complexity, pitfalls, and joys.

Faith and Film – Disconnecting

Like many Americans, I am guilty of having more TVs in my house than I really need and I also confess to spend more hours looking at my iPhone than I probably should.

Faith in Film: Sights more often Unseen

How often do people go to church in movies? How religious are they?

April Coffee Talk: Faith & Film

Panelists will discuss how faith and ethics impact and influence movies and TV, as well as their audiences.

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