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FāVS Religion News Roundup: Jan. 11

This Roundup announces FāVS' newest hire, how some will commemorated MLK Jr. Monday, information on the next Eastern Washington Legislative Conference and excellent news about Indigenous Eats.

Atheist and Agnostic Fired for not Attending Company Prayers Win $50K in Suit

A North Carolina home repair company that advertises as “Grandmother Approved” has agreed to pay $50,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by two employees who were fired for refusing to participate in daily Christian prayers.

Local women media entrepreneurs grieve loss of civil rights activist and news editor Sandy Williams

Local women media entrepreneurs grieve loss of civil rights activist and news editor Sandy Williams

Desmond Tutu: A Moral Giant for Civil Rights

For 10 years this church was led by Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the first black bishop in South African history. One of the greatest leaders of Black South African liberation, he died on Dec. 26 at the age of 90. 

Gonzaga To Host Civil Rights Teach-In on MLK Day

In honor of American civil rights icon Martin Luther King, Jr., Gonzaga University will host a “Teach-in on Civil Rights in Spokane” on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Author of “Black Spokane” to Present African American History Month Lecture at Whitworth University

Dwayne Mack, Ph.D., will present a lecture titled "Black Women in Spokane: Emerging from the Shadows of Jim and Jane Crow," for African American History Month at Whitworth University.

Loving v. Virginia: Exploring biracial identity and reality in America 50 years after a landmark civil rights milestone

We set out to answer questions like: What is it like to be a biracial person in today’s America? How does biracial identity develop, and what should the rest of us understand in order to not inadvertently trivialize, fetishize or discriminate against biracial people? What does the country think of our kids and families, and how are they reflected in the culture, a half-century after Loving v. Virginia?

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