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World Vision, recovering from gay policy shift, tries to shore up its evangelical base

World Vision tested evangelical boundaries three months ago when it announced it would allow its employees to be in same-sex marriages.

Federal judge: Let passengers challenge no-fly list designation

Muslim Americans and their civil rights allies are celebrating a federal judge’s decision ordering the U.S. government to allow passengers on the no-fly list to challenge their inclusion.

Local drag queen, Nova Kaine, holds Episcopalian beliefs close

Jason Johnson isn’t what one might expect the typical Episcopalian to look like. Then again, most male Episcopalians don’t dress like women, wear make-up or sleep until noon.

Spokane Alliance calls for Sick, Safe, Family Leave by 2015

Faith, government and business leaders stood in front of almost 200 people at Westminster Congregational United Church of Christ on Tuesday night and pledged to support Spokane Alliance in its efforts to get the City of Spokane to adopt a Paid Sick, Safe Family Leave policy by 2015.

Episcopal Diocese of Spokane pilots summer meal program in West Central

The sight of broccoli brought a look of joy to Naomi Sulpizio’s face. At her lunch table, the 3-year-old dunked the florets in ranch sauce and left smears of white on her cheek as she gobbled each piece.

BRIEF: Spokane Feminist Forum to have 4th of July celebration at Boots

The Spokane Feminist Forum will celebrate the Fourth of July from 5-6:30 p.m., at Boots with readings from the community of selected poems

Kate Kelly, Mormon women’s group founder, excommunicated from church

A panel of Mormon judges has moved to excommunicate on charges of apostasy the founder of a group advocating for women clergy, according to a statement from the group,Ordain Women.

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