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Report: Minnesota Archbishop Nienstedt under scrutiny for same-sex relationships

A Catholic archbishop in Minnesota who has been one of the hierarchy’s most vocal opponents of gay rights is himself the target of an investigation into allegations that he had a series of sexual relationships with priests, seminarians and other men, it was reported Tuesday (July 1).

Five takeaways from the Hobby Lobby case

Five things to know about one of the most anticipated Supreme Court decisions of the year

Supreme Court rules for Hobby Lobby

The Supreme Court on Monday (June 30) sided with the evangelical owners of Hobby Lobby Stores Inc., ruling 5-4 that the arts-and-crafts chain does not have to offer insurance for types of birth control that conflict with company owners’ religious beliefs.

Ramadan adds an off-field challenge for World Cup’s Muslim athletes

The holy month of Ramadan coincides for the first time since 1986 with the soccer tournament.

BRIEF: Celebrate 4th of July with bells from the tower

Wesley Arai, Associate Carillonist at the University of California, Berkeley, will return to Spokane for his annual Fourth of July Concert at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist.

Forget Republican or Democrat: Americans divide by their values

Toss out the party and ideology labels: Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal.

BRIEF: Casting Crowns coming to Spokane Arena

Christian rock band Casting Crowns will be performing at Spokane Arena on Sept. 30. They'll be in Spokane as part of the Thrive Challenge, which encourages fans to not just live, but to thrive.

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