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Protests Suggest Split Among US Jews on War, but Support for Israel is High

Younger Jews are less supportive of US policies toward Israel, but a majority still support Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas war.

In Bipartisan March for Israel, Crowd Rejects Cease-Fire, Demands Release of Hostages

Thousands of U.S. Jews and their allies rallied for a March for Israel on the National Mall Tuesday (Nov. 14), in one of the largest and most bipartisan D.C. marches in recent memory.

Young People Define ‘Sacred Moments’ Broadly: From God to Nature to Relationships

A majority of young Americans from a variety of faiths and no faith say they have experienced a sacred moment, according to a new survey, but their definitions of what is sacred may not line up with those of their parents or grandparents.

Evangelical Christians Mobilize to Help Israelis Touched by War

Although support for Israel has dwindled among younger evangelicals, according to a 2021 poll, it remains a core value for most, a Pew survey released in May found.

Colleges Plagued By Antisemitism As Israel-Hamas War Rages On

The war between Israel and Hamas may be taking place 5,600 miles away from the United States, but the streets of some of America’s largest cities — and on college campuses in particular — have been highlighted over the past month by incidents of antisemitism.

Mike Johnson, Pedigreed Evangelical, Suggests His Election as House Speaker Ordained by God

After weeks of turmoil, House Republicans elected Rep. Mike Johnson on Wednesday (Oct.25) as the new speaker of the House, an act the Louisiana congressman suggested was ordained by God.

Pandemic Pushes Churches to Embrace Technology in Ministry

Since COVID, Washington Avenue Christian Church has embraced technology in its ministry. The church’s website describes its in-person and online worship service as an emerging system that is rising from the global pandemic.

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