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Churches Help Eclipse Watchers Look Toward the Heavens

Now, for expectant sky watchers and for property owners — including a number of churches — in the path of the total solar eclipse Monday (April 8), it’s just a matter of waiting and hoping for good weather until the eclipse begins.

Caitlin Clark: How the Catholic Basketball Star Captivated a Nation

Caitlin Clark, a practicing Catholic, uses her faith as the source for her relentless pursuit of excellence in basketball, which has helped her team - Iowa Hawkeyes - reach the final four of the NCAA tournament.

Study Finds Clergy Have Higher Wellbeing, But Notes Areas for Improvement

A recent national study by the Hartford Institute for Religion Research found that while clergy tend to have higher emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing than the general public, they showed lower levels of prosperity in areas like physical, financial and social wellbeing.

As Easter Approaches, Gaza Christians ‘No Longer Have the Energy to Suffer’

As Christians approach Easter, Baptists sheltered in the remnants of Gaza Baptist Church are so worn out they “no longer have the energy to suffer,” a leader there told the Christian Mission to Gaza (CM2G).

Poll Shows Slight Dip in U.S. Support for LGBTQ Rights Across Religious Groups

While most Americans continue to broadly support LGBTQ rights, that support may be waning, including among religious Americans, according to a new poll from PRRI.

‘It is our time now’: Native Creators Discuss Filmmaking Ethics and Positive Changes Being Seen in the Industry

Several Indigenous artists who span across various roles in TV and film share what non-Native filmmakers should do when they want to make a Native-themed project, what positive changes they have seen in the industry and what they hope to see in the years to come for Indigenous film and TV.

Church Militant Plans to Cease Publication in April

Church Militant, the far-right Catholic media network, will cease operating at the end of April 2024, according to a press release issued Friday (March 1) by the law firm Todd & Weld LLP.

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