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This Eating Season Needs Our Help

For many in our region this eating season - between Halloween and the Super Bowl - is exceptionally difficult because they have little to no food in the house.

Don’t Silence Palestinian Voices

The absence of Palestinians and their advocates from news coverage isn’t just unfair. As a Jewish American, I think it’s harmful.

Food for Thought: Eating with Understanding

Though in Christian tradition all food may be eaten, we, like all people, should still eat with personal, environmental and religious understanding. We should do this especially now when the world is threatened by the overconsumption of the privileged, while many of the world’s poor starve.

Israel-Hamas War: Moments in Search of Tomorrow

I’ve agonized for two weeks after the barbaric, blind violence and the suffering imposed by the Hamas terrorists upon Israeli citizens. But I’m also sick-of-heart over the use of Israel’s superior military might, used “strategically” to intimidate and punish Hamas with innocent Palestinians in the line of fire.

The Price of Amazon’s ‘Prime’ Business Model Is Our Bodies

Amazon is notorious for having one of highest injury rates in the warehouse industry. What’s less well known is that Amazon will ignore, overcomplicate, or outright deny workers their right to disability accommodations.

‘Holy War’ Is the Ultimate Oxymoron

The war raging in the Holy Land isn’t holy. Like all wars, it horrifies us. Wars throughout the Middle East, occasionally clad in a peek-a-boo veil of “holy war,” have for millennia been secular.

Bitter Optimism: Can You Stay Informed About Global Events and Still Have Joy?

If we let all the bad news wear us down, then evil wins. I think there is a balance to find while staying aware, empathetic and compassionate.

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