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BRIEF: Local progressives to hold Activist Night


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Are you bothered by patriarchy, racism, classism, homophobia, corporatism and the destruction of our planet? Were you excited about the recent reclamation of the City Council from conservatives? Only to be confused by Cathy McMorris-Rodgers, Focus on the Family trailers and billboards promoting Islamaphobic lecture series? You aren’t alone. For those of us that are fighting to make the world a better place, the struggle against injustice can feel exhausting.

Recognizing that we must continue to reject all forms of human rights abuses, to struggle for the development of a democratic society and the strengthening of a civil society, local progressives will gather at nYne Bar & Bistro on Feb. 13th at 9 p.m. There will be no cover charge for DJ Teej. Come to where social justice meets your social life.

There is no agenda for the evening. It is said, “The people that play together, stay together.” Let us heed this advice and build power in our community through friendship and good times.


Laura Stembridge
Laura Stembridge
Laura Stembridge is a graduate of Gonzaga University where she earned a degree in English Literature with a concentration in Women's and Gender Studies.

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Mark Elliott
Mark Elliott
10 years ago

The US is a representative republic, not a democracy. For an example of a “democratic society” study the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea (North Korea.) That’s a democracy. Progressivism is just another name for Socialism. It is anathema to the Constitution of the United States.

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