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Emma Craven

Emma Craven is an undergraduate student at Gonzaga University majoring in English and Psychology. She is originally from Leavenworth and currently lives in Spokane with her family. She grew up in a half Jewish and half Catholic household. She has a writing background in news writing, poetry and fiction pieces. She has previously been published in two of Gonzaga’s writing journals. Outside of school and work, you can find her swimming, reading, spending time with family or watching Grey's Anatomy.

A Betrayal on Her Own Gender: Amy Coney Barrett vs. The Women of America

To my horror, I was disgusted and surprised to find that one of the justices that voted to overturn it, was a woman.

Growing up Multi-Denominational

As I look back on my childhood, I realize how lucky I am that my parents gave my brother and me the choice. We were able to choose what we believed in and how we believed in it.

Upcoming Event to Celebrate Spokane’s ANHPI Community

On May 14 Spokane’s Riverfront Park will be transformed to celebrate the 2nd annual ANHPI (Asian Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander) Heritage Day.

What is a Soulmate?

What’s a soulmate? You may have heard of the idea from movies, or television or been taught about it during a Sunday school session — probably near Valentine’s Day — like I was.

Lunar New Year Celebration Returns to Spokane

Spokane’s Lunar New Year event is returning to the community after 89 years.

The Afterlife: Spiritual and Soul Connections

I like to think that there is a promise of something after this life.

New Year, New Us?

What if resolutions weren’t to give up something or to learn a new skill, but to be kinder and more compassionate people?

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