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Religious Youth Engage Differently Following Pandemic, Study Finds

Young people are engaging with religion differently than they were prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. They are seeking out more conversations with trusted spiritual leaders and having fewer interactions with religious institutions, a religious engagement survey found.

Half of churches say Sunday school, other education programs disrupted by pandemic

Overall, evangelical churches reported experiencing the least disruption to their educational programs, while mainline churches reported the most, followed by Catholic and Orthodox congregations.

Spokane’s Islamic Community of Bosniaks Celebrate Ramadan Together for the First Time Since COVID-19 Restrictions 

“Ramadan brings such a peaceful feeling to everybody's hearts, and I can guarantee you that every Muslim that you meet down the road, they are like so excited about Ramadan,” said Venesa Dautovic. “As much as people are excited for Christmas, you know, this is our Christmas kind of time.”

Jews Encouraged To Abandon Zoom Seders This Passover As Pandemic Eases

As the pandemic eases, in-person gatherings are starting to pick back up just in time for Passover. Man

Could Novavax win over some religious vaccine skeptics?

Novavax's CEO has framed his company's vaccine as an alternative for those who object to the use of fetal cell lines in the development of existing popular vaccines.

Spokane Jewish Film Fest Returns This Month

Spokane Area Jewish Family Services (JFS) will be holding its 18th annual Spokane Jewish Cultural Film Festival this month where films from around the world exploring religious and cultural Jewish themes will be presented.

VIDEO: Love & Loneliness in the Pandemic Coffee Talk

On Feb. 5 our Coffee Talk panelists will share their stories, or speak to how they’ve navigated loneliness, grief and love during the pandemic.

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