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Danielle Stephens

Danielle Stephens is a 30-something woman who has happened to find Jesus, a good man, an unlikely career of accounting and, more recently, the role of stay-at-home mother to three sweet, rowdy children. She taps out thoughts in spurts of passion on her phone and publishes a tenth of them on her tiny blog, foundmercy.com.

Shiny Happy Sinners

Seems like everyone is watching this docuseries, "Shiny Happy People" about the Dugger family and the cult to which they belong(ed).

Sacred Texts: The word of God made me alive

I read, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” I did not need any prior church or explanation to tell me that this sentence meant something extraordinary: the foundation of all meaning-making was in the beginning … and it “became flesh and dwelt among us”… and this was Jesus.

God Is Still Good, but We Are Called to Act

God is still good. His creation is still good. But we are called to act. Our rage must be tempered by the goodness that does yet exist.

What Depression Looks Like for this Christian

I’ve had a lot more practice at coping and problem solving than I’ve had at trusting anyone, God included. So I suffer from depression, and I may suffer for the rest of my life. The suffering comes from a lack of trust and searching in vain for ways to be self-sufficient.

Word of the Year

This past year, although I never wrote it down, my word was “weakness.”

The Change in Christmas

The earliest memory I have of Christmas are lights – colorful lights.

Covid Confusion

I sincerely believe that the average person is confused about how Covid-19 spreads and how the measures recommended by the CDC are intended to decrease the spread of the virus.

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