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Religious leaders recall Prince Philip’s spiritual curiosity

Churches in Britain held services Sunday to remember Prince Philip as people of many religions reflected on a man whose gruff exterior hid a strong personal faith and deep curiosity about others' beliefs.

Washington taps pastors to overcome racial divide on vaccine

Health officials in the nation's capital are hoping that Smith and other Black religious leaders will serve as community influencers to overcome what officials say is a persistent vaccine reluctance in the Black community.

One Good Thing: Highlights of 9 months in tales of kindness

Here is a look back at 10 of our favorite stories of people finding ways to make a difference, no matter how small:

Father Josh: A married Catholic priest in a celibate world

The priest wakes up at 4 a.m. on the days he celebrates the early Mass, sipping coffee and enjoying the quiet while his young children sleep in rooms awash in stuffed animals and Sesame Street dolls and pictures of saints.

Mexico killing highlights confusion over Mormon groups

After nine people belonging to a Mormon offshoot community were killed in Mexico this week, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued a short statement expressing sympathy for the victims while clarifying that they didn't belong to the mainstream church.

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