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Advent Poem: The Divine Indwelling


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By Christi Ortiz

The earth still quakes
with the mystery of God’s Theophany
when He walked upon her surface

The Light broke into the darkness
revealing the infinity of god’s Love
leaving a living example
of that to which we are called

Dwelling among man in human likeness
He spoke and ate, laughed and cried
and slept under her starry nights

Even crawling into the darkest corners
becoming infinitesimally small
beginning the greatest Zeitgeist
as just a tiny zygote

Entering the human race
as a small, helpless babe
Love, dependent upon love to survive!

What Divine folly!
Only God could be so reckless
as to trust us with Himself

Christi Ortiz
Christi Ortiz
Christi Ortiz is a licensed marriage and family therapist by profession and a poet by passion.  She enjoys trying to put to words to that which is wordless and give voice to the dynamic and wild spiritual journey called life. She lives in Spokane with her husband and two children, Emmanuel and Grace. She loves the outdoors and meditating in the early mornings which gives rise to her poetry.

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