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Advent Is One of Many Religious Paradoxes

On December 4, the second Sunday of Advent, the pastor of my congregation reminded us that this season is traditionally considered “a little Lent,” a time for penitence and lamentation. It is also a time of joyous expectation, as we look ahead to the birth of Jesus. This is certainly a paradox. We are asked to be simultaneously sorrowful and happy.

Escaping the Cult of ‘Sin-nocence’

We’ve just entered the four-week period called Advent, the time when the Christian church prepares for the birth of God (the baby Jesus). Underlying that birth for many people is the concept we call “innocence.” Jesus’ “innocence” is usually connected to his being “without sin.” But what if Jesus wasn’t innocent in that way? What if Jesus wasn’t innocent at all? What if being fully human and fully divine (and being a key word here) meant Jesus was as un-innocent as we are?

During COVID, Spokane Churches Find Creative Ways to Celebrate Christmas Season

While COVID has resulted in unprecedented circumstances for this holiday season, faith communities are still finding meaningful points of connection within the community.

Advent Poem: The Divine Indwelling

The earth still quakes
with the mystery of God’s Theophany when He walked upon her surface

Immaculate Heart Retreat Center hosts day of prayer and retreats for Advent

This advent season, Immaculate Heart Retreat Center is hosting retreats that will focus on the theme of preparing for the coming of Christ.

Advent 2016 Facts And Dates

The traditional Advent period, which begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day, began this year on Nov. 27 and will last through Christmas Eve.

Epiphany and a Spirit of Grace

In many ways, I view Epiphany as paramount in the Advent Season. This is the date when Jesus is recognized and heralded as King of the Jews through the actions and recognition of pagans.

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