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United Nations condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Despite institutional inadequacies, the scope and extent of the U.N.’s influence throughout our global civilization is beyond comprehension. Just as our own country continuously struggles to unify states, so also has the U.N. struggled to bring nations together. But the trajectory is clear. Last week’s show of unity at the U.N. was unprecedented.

Ukrainian Orthodox primate: ‘We are called to stop this evil’

The leader of Orthodox Christians in Ukraine, portrayed Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill as a politician dressed in fine vestments and a gem-studded miter of a churchman.

When Pacifism Doesn’t Work

Pacifism seeks to break the cycle of violence by non-resistance to violence, believing that if enough people refuse to become violent in response to violence the world will become peaceful.

Quotables: At Parliament Faith Leaders combat hate speech, war, violence

Faith leaders tackle hate speech, war and violence at Parliament of the World's Religions

How should a Christian approach war?

War seduces our imagination. So much so, we believe more in war than we do in grace, or Jesus' work on the cross.

VIEWPOINTS: How should faith communities respond to veterans suffering from moral injury?

In January, the Department of Veterans Affairs released the newest numbers on veterans suicides, revealing the rate of young male veterans ages 18-29 killing themselves increased 44 percent between 2009 and 2011.

Being a true patriot means loving country through sorrow and sin

In Part 1 of this essay, I dared to make the statement, “until we redefine the word patriotism in this country to mean ‘A PURSUIT OF WORLDWIDE COMMON GOOD” instead of military superiority, we will continue down this low road to financial ruin and moral depravity.”

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