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The Invisible Composer Finds His Way to the ‘Heart of the Arts’

Anyone who knows me well will tell you I am unusually protective of my right to compose music. I often perceive external forces to be inhibiting my efforts. In reality, of course, my obstacles toward writing music are entirely internal. But this was not always the case.

Syrian and Turkish Earthquake Survivors Show the Strength of Their Faith in Their Calamity

It has been hard for me to watch the pictures, videos and posts in terms of the devastation the recent earthquake has caused in Turkey and Syria. Mostly, we are seeing more of Turkey’s destruction all over media outlets rather than Syria’s. Initially Syria had slow aid due to the sanctions. However, after four days, there is a relief on those sanctions for a limited time.

Finding Peace after Tragedy

The killing of four students in off-campus housing in Moscow has been an unthinkable and heartbreaking tragedy. My heart goes out to the family and friends affected directly by this horrific crime. While the story continues to unfold in the news media, I have sought my Heavenly Father in prayer. I have pled for him to provide consolation to those deeply wounded and forever changed by this senseless act, especially the families of the victims

Ask A Jew: Wasted Prayer

The term is not so much of a “wasted blessing” as it better translated and understood as a “ blessing for nought” or a nullified blessing. In Hebrew it is a “bracha l’vatala,” from the word nullification-like we nullify our leaven before Passover.

Ask A Latter-day Saint: Asking for help after a lapse in prayer

I can’t help but think of my own relationship with my parents. If I don’t speak to them for some time and then go to them to ask them for something, they don’t scoff at me or scorn me for my failure to communicate.

When the answer to a prayer is ‘wait’

That’s when I have to pause and remind myself of what I learned growing up: Sometimes the answer to a prayer is “wait.”

Politicians who pray only for show deserve criticism

Many politicians who did register the shooting, again sent their thoughts and prayer.

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