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Healing Mind-Body-Spirit – Walking The Labyrinth

There are as many ways to think about labyrinths as there are labyrinths in the world.

Living in the Question

I can only invite you to join me in asking the questions, listening to the answers, and taking action.

Celebrating Langar at the Parliament

One of the most beautiful aspects of the Parliament of the World’s Religions was finding so many points of commonality with good people of different faiths all over the world.

What Parliament was missing: ACTION

For me, it was incredible to sit and hear from world leaders and Nobel laureates about the importance of faith in discussions on issues like climate change, women’s rights and the preservation of indigenous peoples. But something was missing: Action.

Taking action after Parliament

British author Karen Armstrong, who spoke several times at the parliament, told attendees to be prepared for action when they returned to their homes.

Casting Stones of Peace at the Parliament of World’s Religions

Peace is a common topic at the 2015 Parliament of Religions.

Preserving Trees: Environmentalists Reach Out To Faith Leaders

In the "Trees, Forests, and the Sacred" session at the 2015 Parliament of Religions, Jason Minton Brown explained how environmentalists, naturalists, and people concerned with biodiversity and deforestation are reaching out to religious groups for help in preserving sacred groves.

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