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Parliament panel discusses moving beyond violent sacred texts

Violence is a thread in sacred texts, but panelists Saturday at the Parliament of the World’s Religions said context, tradition and reason outweigh the brutality that often divides people in the name of religion.

A Chorus of Hope at the Parliament of World’s Religions

Parliament of the Worlds Religions is like the Olympics — the Olympics of the heart stretching to create compassion, understanding, unity and peace in a world plagued in violence and fear.

Wisdom Tales From Judaism, Christianity and Islam Cause Tears and Laughter

Premiered for the first time at the 2015 Parliament of World's Religions, the resulting play "Caravan - a Happy Journey Through Wisdom Tales of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam," creates understanding of the shared experience and a deeper knowledge of the stories of these three faith traditions.

At Parliament Opening Ceremony People of Faith urged to work together

The overarching message at the opening ceremony of the Parliament of the World’s Religions Thursday evening was that people of all religions need to work together to stop oppression, end violence and mend the planet.

Feminism, environment discussed on first day of Parliament

More than 8,000 people kicked off the first day of the 2015 Parliament of World's Religions Thursday by listening to fervid discussions on feminism, the environment and the importance of interfaith work.

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