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Indigenous Peoples’ Day: Celebrating 1,000 Cultures

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day began as a movement in 1992 to honor the more than 1,000 Indigenous cultures within the United States.

Two-Spirit Powwow to Hold Indigiqueer Event During Pride Week in Downtown Spokane

During Pride Week, Spokane Falls Two-Spirit Powwow will hold an event at Riverfront Park to celebrate two-spirit individuals in a space created for Indigiqueer people by Indigiqueer people.

Returning Indigenous Objects: If You Steal Something, Give It Back

For generations, Indigenous people have been asking for objects taken during colonization of their traditional homelands to be returned. Some of the objects are sacred, but also many items are human remains.

Native American Heritage Month: We Are Still Here

November is Native American Heritage month, and it is astounding how many stereotypical and wrong ideas are out there about America’s indigenous people. For starters: We are still here.

Being Native American and Believing in God

While white settlers wanted to brand Native Americans as heathens, they very much believed in God. Native peoples had faith in the Creator and expressed their love and devotion through song and dance, prayer, and appreciation for the land and for one another.

Salish School holds first Native youth culture event

"...I noticed that there’s this huge lack of Native American students who are really into their culture.”

Sioux anti-pipeline action sustained by Native American spirituality

In the Sioux creation narrative, water was one of the first beings the Creator made, and it became a major part of the people’s religious ceremonies.

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