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Japanese Zen Buddhists Cheered Attack on Pearl Harbor, Making Dec. 7 a Holiday

It is painful to think that so many Buddhists, following a religious leader as opposed to war as Jesus Christ, cheered the attack on Pearl Harbor 81 years ago, but, sadly, it is true. Zen Buddhist priest Hata Esho declared, “It is exceedingly wonderful that in 1941 we were able to make this very day (Dec. 7) a holy day for eternally commemorating the reconstruction of the world.”

Are we confronting our racism?

Thomas Schmidt argues that besides concrete action, we need a comprehensive analysis of the historical causes of injustice.

Nationalism, Patriotism and My Values

I am proud to be an American with a sense of equality and democracy, and the self-criticism demanded of each and every individual in a reasonable, empirical, and scientifically oriented social decision process.

Viewpoints: The role of patriotism from your faith perspective

With election day around the corner, we felt it was an appropriate time to talk about patriotism.

Seek the Welfare of the Country: Christians and Patriotism

St. Paul says we ought to pray and work of the well-being of the nation and city which we find ourselves, but that we are aliens to that nation and citizens of the Kingdom of God.

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