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Seek the Welfare of the Country: Christians and Patriotism


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St. Paul says we ought to pray and work of the well-being of the nation and city which we find ourselves, but that we are aliens to that nation and citizens of the Kingdom of God. It seems a fairly balance way. We are Christians first and then farther down the list Americans citizens. This of course runs through whitewater rapids of being a Christian and living in a nation. We can’t be patriots if that means forgoing the history of redemption for a history of America. Patriotism for a Christian can only come from working for the well-being of the nation, and rejecting the deification of a nation that is most commonly defined by its patriotism. Patriotism of working for wellbeing is one thing, nationalistic patriotism that makes the country a divine instrument is quite another, and more akin to sin.

All humans are tainted by sin, so we Christians are not immune to the temptation of nationalistic patriotism. When we read the Bible and hear the promises to the nation of Israel, we can easily and mistakenly apply them to the nation we live in… God and flag. God and crown that many people of the British Empire demand in Victorian age reveals that Americans are not the first to give into this temptation. The U.S. history can rightly point with both pride and shame to its events. Our republic has withstood 200 years and has provided freedom to its population. It will also not purify the human soul. National sin will always taint its story, slavery, genocide of the native people, and so many other horrors committed. We are called to work for the welfare of the USA as good Christians. We are also called to remember that Jesus has made us citizens of another kingdom.

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Ernesto Tinajero
Ernesto Tinajero
Art, says Ernesto Tinajero, comes from the border of what has come before and what is coming next. Tinajero uses his experience studying poetry and theology to write about the intersecting borders of art, poetry and religion.




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Eric Blauer
Eric Blauer
9 years ago

Ernesto, as a Christian, how would you have gone, revolutionary cause or stick with King George?

9 years ago

I would have supported it. After all, Adams, and Madison articulated similar position that I outlined. Most that stake out God and Flag forget this part of history as they do Lincoln 2nd Inaugural address. They I ignore St Paul wise words. Those that wed God and flag pervert both. Lincoln understood this as much as did Neibuhr, The Irony of American History so profoundly professes this truth.

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