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Reading Yourself into the Bible

Eisegesis is an interpretive process used by many that makes the Bible say what they want it to say, rather than critically searching for what it is actually saying.

Why I Support a $15 Minimum Wage

All told, research indicates that increasing the minimum wage has no impact on employment or hours, does not lead to labor substitution (replacing "low skilled" workers with "high skilled" workers) and has a small impact on business operating costs and consumer prices while decreasing turnover, increasing productivity and lifting low wage workers out of poverty.

Why I oppose the $15 minimum wage

I may be dipping my toes into very turbulent waters, but, I am opposed to the $15 minimum wage that many protesters are advocating.

The Disgrace of Sub-minimum Wages

Anyone who has worked a minimum wage job can tell you how grueling, and frustrating, the experience is.

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