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Inspiring Others: How Our Marriage Turned 50

As we prepare to celebrate 50 years there are so many thoughts and memories going through my head. I have joked about how I don't know how you've put up with me for this long, which is really true in a sense with my Irish enthusiasm and temper.

The church has a responsibility to care for those facing illness

I know I have a soul, because I can feel its weight. It’s heavy, like a lead apron I can’t remove. Sometimes I fear suffocation. Sometimes I pray for it.

A heavy heart for the children

My heart is heavy and my soul enraged at the thought of beautiful children shot dead. The sentiments you have all heard these last days about the innocent, defenseless, children killed by a deranged man cause us all to question everything we thought we knew.

Spokane needs volunteers to help the mentally ill

Where to begin with mental illness? I thought every adult at least knew a little about the problem and could relate in some way to the issue.

Take action and help the mentally ill

What separates us as people? I mean really separates us?

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