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Letter to the Editor: We Stand with Trans Kids’ Parents

Reckless, hateful speech from a religious leader has no place in our public discourse.

Biden signs marriage equality bill into law – but the Respect for Marriage Act has a few key limitations

Many leaders of major LGBTQ+ rights organizations have praised the Respect for Marriage Act. For example, Kelley Robinson, president of the LGBTQ+ advocacy group the Human Rights Campaign, said in November 2022 that the act will allow “the 568,000 same-sex married couples in this country … (to) breathe a sigh of relief that their marriages will be protected from future attacks.” However, the Respect for Marriage Act also has various limitations that have not received a lot of public attention.

How to Support Transgender Kids This Legislative Session

In the current legislative session multiple states have introduced and passed more anti-transgender bills; this time surrounding trans (primarily trans girls) student athletes.

Can Indiana compromise on LGBT rights, religious liberty?

Still, some in Indiana say that no-compromise attitude is more likely to backfire on the most zealous defenders of religious liberty.

BRIEF: Whitworth to host reading by Irish Catholic poet, mediator and LGBT rights supporter

Whitworth University's English Department will host Pádraig Ó Tuama as one of its endowed readers for the year at 7 p.m. on Nov. 18 in the Hixson Union Building's Multipurpose Room.

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