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Letter to the Editor: We Stand with Trans Kids’ Parents


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Letter to the Editor: We Stand with Trans Kids’ Parents

To submit a Letter to the Editor email TracySimmons@SpokaneFāVS.com

Reckless, hateful speech from a religious leader has no place in our public discourse. As Faith Leaders and Leaders of Conscience of Eastern Washington and North Idaho, (FLLC), we recognize Jason Graber’s speech at Sure Foundation Baptist Church in Spokane as an incitement to violence and terrorism.

We acknowledge that there are many perspectives on gender and sexuality within faiths. We denounce those who call for the terrorizing and killing of any human being in the name of faith. Repentance is a Christian practice, and we strongly recommend that Jason Graber, as a Christian, repent of his words of terrorism, hate and violence and return to a humble walk with his God.

Further, as people of many faiths and organizations of conscience, we ask every citizen to step back from any ideology that uses violence and intimidation, and to prayerfully consider what constitutes responsible public speech.

The Rev. Gen Heywood, convener of FLLC, Pastor of Veradale UCC

Pam Silverstein MD, member Jewish community

Sr. Pat Millen, OSF, Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia

Don Young, Life Deacon, Veradale UCC

Jan Young, Music Minister, Veradale UCC

The Rev. Rick Matters, Episcopal Church

Dr. Scott Starbuck, Manito Presbyterian Church

The Rev. Pamela Starbuck, Manito Presbyterian Church

The Rev. Liv Larson Andrews, Salem Lutheran Church, Spokane

The Rev. Kaye Hult, UCC, member of Shalom UCC, Spokane

Lauren McCroskey, FLLC, Coeur d’ Alene.

Quan Yin Lynne H. Williams. MD, Baraka Sufi Community

Elise DeGooyer, Faith Action Network

The Rev. Alissa Amestoy, Pastor of Spokane Valley UMC

Naghmana Sherazi, MCAS

The Rev. Bob Feeny, Pastor of Westminster United Church of Christ

Pava Young, FLLC, Spokane 

Roger Hudson, New Story Spokane

The Rev. Joan Broeckling, One Peace, Many Paths

The Rev. Jeannette Solimine, UCC, Colfax, WA

The Rev. Paul Benz. WA Partners for Social Change

Petra Hoy, NAACP Education Committee Member

The Rev. Debra L Conklin, Pastor, Liberty Park and St Paul’s United Methodist Churches

The Rev. Jim CastroLang, United Church of Christ pastor and Faith Action Network Board Member

The Very Rev. Heather VanDeventer, Dean, St. John’s Cathedral

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john robert alder
john robert alder
1 year ago

stop the discrimination!

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