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Should Cameras Be Allowed in the Kohberger Courtroom?

Americans have a right to justice and, often, the only way people can see it happen is if a local court will allow cameras into the courtroom for a major case. Yes, one does need to balance the right to a fair trial and due process with the First Amendment and the citizen’s right to public information.

Marion County Record Raid Chills Freedom of the Press

Freedom of the press, like freedom of speech and religion, is sacred in America. Shutting down a newspaper because someone does not like the fact a reporter — or anyone — can search state records for information puts democracy in a very dangerous place.

Changes Are Happening at FāVS and It’s a Good Thing

Last week, the FāVS News board voted to name me managing editor, responsible for assigning and editing our news report, and also hiring and training additional staff. I had served on the board for more than two years, but now leave to take this position. The fact board members voted unanimously for my appointment is a singular honor and I am grateful.

Calm before the Storm: How to Discern Professional Reporting in the Bryan Kohberger Trial

I do care deeply about truth and accuracy. I am a big fan of justice, but not justice at the cost of truth. There must be measured research and investigation for all the facts, not rumor and supposition. In addition, I know how damaging journalism as a profession can be to people. Just the scope of certain news stories damage people’s lives — especially people being charged with crimes.

Journalists Are Courageous First Responders, Too

When the world takes that unexpected right turn that changes the course of history, they run to the danger. We expect that of the best known, most respected first responders — police, firefighters, EMTs, the military. But journalists are first responders, too.

Journalistic Coverage of Native America

It has happened again: A well-meaning journalist has written a story about Native America and yet they did not interview a single member of the tribe.

What Makes It Journalism

Journalists are expected to tell the truth insofar as the truth can be discerned. But truth can be elusive. Merriam Webster defines truth in part as “a transcendent fundamental or spiritual reality. [A] judgment, proposition, or idea that is true or accepted as true. [T]he body of true statements and propositions.”

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